Warranty Services

How Does XONAZ Warranty Work?

All orders placed with XONAZ include a 1-year parts and labor limited warranty. We will repair or replace defective hardware free of charge as long as they have not been physically damaged or abused.

Within the first year, customers can take advantage of our "Advanced Warranty Replacement" service in which XONAZ will send you the replacement part first while placing a hold on a customer credit card. After the first year, customers will receive "Standard Warranty Replacement" service in which the customer is to first ship the suspected defective component to XONAZ for examination and replacement.

*Also note that the customer is responsible for shipping costs to XONAZ after 30 days of original delivery. 

PSA on Voided Warranty Services

In order for your PC to be eligible for warranty, the PC must not have been tampered with (including user modification such as adding your own custom water cooling, etc.).

Additionally, any damage incurred to your PC that is declared as Force Majeure (unforeseeable circumstances/events) would also void your eligibility with our Warranty Services. Such items include natural disaster, blackouts, strikes, etc. 

For questions on how to use your XONAZ Warranty, 

Please contact one of our support agents to assist you via email support@xonaz.com.my